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When we established the Polished Concrete Co almost 10 years ago we soon began to realise that Polished Concrete was so new it was difficult for clients to actually understand and visualise the colour and finish of a Polished Concrete floor because there were so few examples. Looking at small Polished Concrete samples does not give a true indication of the finished floor as the patterns and hand trowelled marks are only visible over a more substantial floor area. We ruled out the idea of asking our clients to open their houses up for new clients to look unless it was an actual open house event. The reason for our decision was because we specialise in bespoke domestic projects with architects and designers often working with clients in the public eye who appreciate our discretion.

The Polished Concrete showroom was created to help our clients understand the Polished Concrete Installation process. We have the space in our warehouses in Croydon and we believe we are the only Micro-topping and Cementitious overlay supplier to have an actual showroom where you can view different Polished Concrete Finishes and Colours. We have lots of Polished Concrete Finishes which can be applied in Bathrooms on work surfaces and walls. Our Micro topping product has some creative finishes available which create seamless concrete over large or small areas.

Polished Concrete looks great in Kitchen or Dining room areas and our showroom showcases how these Polished Concrete effects can be achieved.
When you visit our showroom which is available by appointment on our Polished Concrete Showroom booking website you will have a one to one consultation. During your Polished Concrete Showroom visit you will learn about the process the pros and cons of Polished Concrete and the 10 most asked questions about Micro topping and Polished Concrete installation. We will explain how we achieve seamless designer polished concrete floors in less than a week over your existing substrate.

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Close up of Polished Concrete logo on wall. Over-headshot of polished concrete floor with PCCo. logo rendered on floor, stool to side.

Room set from Polished Concrete Showroom. Desk set from showroom

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