Polished Concrete Co. Micro-topping is perfect for someone who is looking for a continuous surface, which is natural and innovative and has the ability to make any environment unique. It’s ideal in a modern and minimal setting, but can also enrich a classic or rustic house with refined style. Many artistic designs and effects can be achieved using different application techniques, colours or acid stains, to make your project exactly as you want.

What is Micro-topping?

Micro-topping is a polymeric-cement system designed to work in multiple thin coat applications. In only 3 millimetres of thickness, it’s possible to renew existing surfaces on different substrates (concrete, ceramic, wood, self-levelling surface) without removing them first and creating a seamless surface.

This process presents extraordinary adhesion properties and high abrasion resistance, making it suitable for heavy traffic uses including retail spaces, corridors and stairs. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used for both internal or external application. It’s not only ideal for floors, but also for covering vertical surfaces such as plasterboard and masonry wall, allowing you to have the same continued design and appearance.

Polished Concrete Co’s Micro-topping is waterproof on the visible surface, which makes it suitable in locations such as kitchens, bathrooms and shower cubicles. It is not, however a sealing product, so it is necessary that the sub base is perfectly dry and that moisture does not appear in the future.


Polished Concrete Co is a trusted partner of Idealwork

Idealwork is the European leader in decorative concrete technologies and micro-topping. It has a network of over 3000 qualified and approved contractors like us all over Europe, as well as in 30 different non-European countries.

Idealwork has achieved the quality system certificate IS0 9001, as well as being a member of the Green Building Council-Italy – an association that promotes environmental, economic and social responsibility.

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