PS by Paul Smith

Enduring, stylish, bespoke and timeless. We could easily be talking about an Ardex Pandomo polished concrete floor. However, we are actually describing Paul Smith. The legendary British fashion designer established his business over 40 years ago and has since become an icon of popular-culture as well as fashion.

That’s why, when Paul Smith decided to open another of its PS stores in London’s Covent Garden, the enduring, stylish, bespoke and timeless polished concrete floor was an obvious choice to accompany his colourfully unique designs.

With the brands lasting popularity, the robust nature of a polished concrete floor is as much a practical choice as a design one, as the sheer volume of traffic it can withstand without damage means PS by Paul Smith will be able to carry on serving the multitude of customers who flock to its stores.

Each Paul Smith store is totally different and reflects the character of its founder and his designs. Utilising the bespoke polished concrete floor means that PS by Paul Smith has a floor which can never be replicated as every installation is unique. The patina is impossible to duplicate so matches perfectly the distinctiveness of the brand and its designs.

Because an Ardex Pandomo concrete floor is hand poured into place, there are no seams. So not only will customers be enthralled by the clothes on the rails, but they will be also be wowed by the stylish polished concrete floor they are standing on. Overall, the floor compliments the clothing collections flair; both representing traditional design in a modern context.

Working with a company as renowned as Paul Smith gives us at the Polished Concrete Co. the opportunity to flex our creative muscles and establish a relationship with a company that mirrors the characteristics of our own; traditionalism, style, uniqueness, quality and originality.

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