Polished Concrete Flooring for London Tattoo Studio

Celebrity tattoo artist Ricky Williams is the name behind South City Market, one of London’s most unique, forward-thinking tattoo studios.  He approached Polished Concrete Co in search of a concrete floor for his studio based in Peckham, South London.

The highly talented artist employs six other team members who work together in a uniquely created 80m2 space, where Ricky’s trademark black attire and furnishings have created a dramatic but clean-cut environment.

Before meeting Ricky in person, we anticipated he would want something incredibly artistic.  We had thought about creating a white polished concrete floor with a striking dragon tattoo painted across it.  However, Ricky had something very different in mind.

At least initially, Ricky wanted a black polished concrete floor with a matt finish, which would provide a contrasting canvas for his variety of ink creations.  So, we started by preparing several sample shades of black micro topping with various trowel movements.

Micro topping is applied by hand with a trowel, where the level of pattern in the concrete can be adjusted according to the chosen aesthetic. Additionally, we did several tests on various polished concrete floor sealants.  This was to determine which one would create the matt black finish, whilst still providing the protection required to prevent staining.

However, after experimenting with several shades of black micro topping with a hand trowelled, bespoke finish, Ricky decided to opt for our very own PC800 product.  This polished concrete floor has an incredibly opulent, rich finish that mixes dark tones of green and lighter shades of grey – all whilst remaining very natural and unique.

We understood Ricky needed a floor that could cope with a barrage of ink splashes and, most importantly, not stain.  PC800 contains a specialist gloss waterproof sealant that prevents ink from penetrating the seal, resulting in a stain proof solution.  This is an incredibly versatile concrete floor product that works well in a variety of environments.

From beginning to end we worked with Ricky to ensure he received a floor which aligned with his studio’s unique visual style.  We listened to his feedback every step of the way to create a floor which was not only aesthetically pleasing – but durable, stain proof and versatile.

We always listen to our client’s individual needs at Polished Concrete Co. and believe that no floor is quite the same.  Call us today on 020 8462 4050 and tell us about your concrete flooring needs.

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