How to polish a concrete floor

Polishing concrete floors can be likened to the process of sanding wood. Sanding uses sandpaper to smoothen wood floors, whereas with polishing concrete, grinding machines are equipped with diamond-segmented abrasives to smoothen the surface. The surface is then refined from coarser-grit to finer-grit abrasives until the desired lustre and smoothness of your flooring are attained.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how the specialised process of polishing concrete is achieved.

  1. Ready the area you want to polish

Since dust and dirt can reduce the shine of your polished flooring, it’s important to prepare a polished concrete floor cleaner. You may start by sweeping and mopping the area to ensure any light stains or marks are removed.  Then check that any cracks, sealers, or coatings are not left unchecked to keep the area pristine.

  1. Polish the surface using a coarse grit abrasive disc

This step involves removing stains and rough areas on the floor. Whilst different abrasive disc types can be rented, polishing concrete is not an advisable DIY task for amateurs given the heavy equipment and special diamond tooling it requires. The correct technique can be achieved by an experienced polisher in precise circular motions to gradually polish the entire surface without missing a spot.

  1. Use a finer-grit abrasive disc

To ensure a sleek and shiny surface, a finer-grit abrasive disc will then be used. This step is essential to remove any unwanted stains or marks, so if having spotless polished concrete floors at home or work is your goal, it’s advisable to have this step carefully handled by experienced polishers.

  1. Add a surface polish coat for protection

After polishing, achieve extra protection by applying a coat of concrete surface polish or a stain-guard product on your polished concrete’s new surface. If you’re using a stain-guard spray, just apply the first coat, wait for 30 minutes, then apply a second coating.

This way, your polished concrete floor maintenance will be hassle-free due to its resistance against oil, grease and other chemicals, making it more hard-wearing for years to come.

Achieve polished concrete flooring for your space the professional way

While polished concrete is known for its extreme durability, easy maintenance, and elegant finish, every flooring presents different challenges that may affect its quality. Therefore, we recommend consulting flooring experts on the most suitable products, equipment, and suppliers to help you achieve outstanding results.

With our vast experience and knowledge about polished concrete flooring, the artisans at Polished Concrete Co. are ready to revamp your contemporary space. Simply contact us today and our trained staff will be happy to talk you through your options in detail.

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