The Holland Park project: Creating light and a sense of space

Concrete staircase under construction

In October 2019, we were approached by a local builder about to embark on a project with Soho based interior design company Landmass. The multi-award-winning, RIBA chartered, design and development company were tasked with the complete renovation of a 3 story townhouse in one of London’s finest green spaces – Holland Park. After an initial consultative process that involved us creating several samples, we were delighted to be awarded the project.

Cost-effective and professional

We worked with Claudia Rossi, Head of Architecture and Interior Design at Landmass, who informed us that the main aim of the design team was to create light and a sense of space. As well as a professional finish, Claudia was also looking for the most cost-effective option for her client. Our highly-trained team have worked in the polished concrete industry for over 20 years and were able to find a pricing option that suited the clients budget.

Consistently airy and light

The project involved the removal of all the stairs and installing a bespoke floating staircase. Glass bricks were used in parts of the floor to create light and a feeling of continuity, whilst Ideal Work’s Microtopping® Tortora created a light and airy feel without casting shadows. We also covered the stairs, floors and bathrooms with Tortora, a colour which can be described as a very light beige grey with a green tone. This colour consistency created a flow that never dominated the space but instead allowed a blank canvass to which other design features could be introduced.

Ideal Work’s Microtopping® is suitable for application in many different areas, providing incredible versatility and endless design options. Throughout the project, we covered various surfaces with Microtopping®, including bathroom walls, the shower cubicle, wooden floating staircase and the screeded floor over underfloor heating.

Careful planning

One of the most important measures we took when working on the Holland Park project was ensuring the underfloor heating sand and cement screed was fully dry before further work is carried out. Our expertise in managing projects meant we were able to conduct our installations towards the end of the project to limit other trades working over them.

Paying attention to every last detail

We successfully worked with Landmass, who was officially named London’s best interior design company and completed the Holland Park project in February 2021. We were the last company on-site, which is a testament to our team who pay attention to every last detail.

We believe in delivering excellence at a reasonable price, which is why we’re often the first choice for designers and architects. Over 80% of our work is from word of mouth and personal recommendations – often from these very professions.

Our products are highly versatile and can be applied to most surfaces, which is why we were a particularly good match for the Holland Park project.

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