4 advantages of microcement

Lounge with microcement flooring


Microcement is an ideal solution for those looking for a stylish and innovative surface that provides a unique feel and look. With a thickness of around 3mm, microcement offers more than you would expect.
A cement-based facing aids renovation of existing surfaces on various bases such as ceramic, wood, and concrete – without the need for removal. And with easy installation and climate-resistant properties, microcement works great with underfloor heating.

Let’s take a look at 4 advantages of using microcement for flooring surfaces.

1. Floor restoration without the hassle of removal

Imagine the relief of not having to remove your existing floor. With microcement, floor restoration is a clean, hassle-free process. For example, you could renovate a bathtub without removing it. By covering the bathtub in microcement, you can give it a new look in a short space of time.

2. Unique but seamless space

Those that desire a continuous and tactile surface will be relieved that microcement creates a unique but seamless space. So whether you’re looking for a modern, vintage, or classic look, the magic of microcement means you don’t have to experience visible joints and lines.
Great for vertical and horizontal surfaces, such as bathrooms, showers, and stairs, microcement flooring provides smooth finishes without interruption.

3. Personalised finishes

There’s almost no limit to the amount of custom-colour, finishes, and effects that microcement offers. Enjoy various hand-finished textures based on individual preferences, or achieve glossy and clouded effects to create a truly personalised finish.

4. Super thin

With an incredible thickness of around 3mm, using microcement means a building’s structural load won’t be affected. So despite its minimal thickness, a microcement floor possesses great resistance.

More benefits of microcement

Other benefits of microcement include being water-resistant, making it a great choice for swimming pools; non-slip, making it suitable for bathrooms adapted for the elderly and disabled, and finally; its high resistance to chemical products.

The Polished Concrete Co. are leaders in the field of contemporary concrete design and approved installers of Ideal Work’s Microtopping®.
Microtopping® is a microcement that is ideal for those wanting a seamless, tactile surface with a unique finish. At just 3mm thick, this innovative product allows the renewal of existing surfaces on different bases without removing them.

If you want to find out more about microcement costs, benefits and uses, contact our friendly team today and we’ll advise you further.

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