Restaurant flooring contractors refurbish London restaurant

When London restaurant 28 Well Hung approached us to have new flooring installed, they had very specific ideas of the particular aesthetic that they had in mind. As restaurant flooring contractors, it was our job to translate these ideas into reality.

A restaurant environment has high foot-fall and is prone to spillages. Polished concrete is durable and non-slip, making it the ideal solution. Also, with its warm, organic texture, polished concrete can create the perfect ambience for a restaurant setting.

The brief was to create a natural and earthy feel, installing both the flooring and a decorative wall finish.

Our team at The Polished Concrete Co are always up to date with current interior trends and we have noticed that warmer tones are now more popular and on-trend than the cooler industrial greys usually associated with polished concrete. Polished concrete and Ideal Work’s Microtopping are now so much more versatile than they used to be. They now offer a greater range and depth of colours, which is great news for restaurant flooring contractors as we can provide clients with a more diverse and creative choice of finishes.

For this project, we used Ideal Work’s Microtoppping on the walls in the chocolate colour, which actually has the look of unfinished plaster and gives the project a warm, rustic feel.

The floor was finished in the Polished Concrete’s 800 product which gives a very natural green/ grey colour. We finished with a matt satin topping as this also creates a more natural looking floor, again moving away from the more highly-polished floors which were popular a few years ago.

The Polished Concrete Co has been involved with a lot of commercial flooring projects in the Peckham area, and we were personally recommended to the client by a local developer. With the refurbishment complete, we are looking forward to trying a fantastic steak dinner at the restaurant!

We love 28 Well Hung’s ethos and we are proud to be associated with them. We hope that this project is the first of many. You can visit their website at

If you would like more information on our commercial flooring services, please get in touch.

Restaurant interior with polished concrete floor. work by restaurant flooring contractors: Polished Concrete co. View along the side of a wooden bar in a restaurant Bar stools stowed next to a bar.

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