Does Polished Concrete Crack?

“Does Polished Concrete Crack?” is the most asked question here at the Polished Concrete Co. Our clients often arrive at our showroom feeling very confused with all the different information they have heard about Polished Concrete. We advise all our clients when choosing a Flooring Company to find one that is a member of a regulating body such as the Contract Flooring Association. You can then be sure you are going to not only get professional service but that you have the assurance that the correct technical information will be provided.

The Polished Concrete Co invite all our clients to visit our showroom so we can discuss the process and the aesthetic finish required by the client. Each project is individual and we provide a bespoke service. Installing seamless bespoke Polished Concrete takes time and effort using well trained registered Installers and high specification products.

Are you confused about Polished Concrete? Here are a few most FAQ at The Polished Concrete Co.

Fact or Fiction?

  • The thinner the concrete or micro-topping the more likely it is to crack
  • Concrete only cracks if the substrate moves
  • Some Polished Concrete products are more likely to crack than others
  • Polished Concrete Cracks eventually whatever you do
  • All Polished Concrete suppliers have the same training they are all similar
  • Polished Concrete is very complicated to install and takes weeks to cure
  • It’s difficult to install polished concrete over underfloor heating
  • You can have 100mm concrete floors with a seamless finish
  • Micro topping is not concrete it is resin
  • Micro topping is too thin and doesn’t take foot traffic in commercial environments.
  • It is possible to Polish screeds which mean I don’t actually need Polished Concrete.
  • It is easy to see the finish from a small sample
  • My builder says he can lay a concrete floor can you Polish it for us
  • Concrete floors look the same on photos as they do in real life

If you would like to know the answers to these questions, book an appointment at the Polished Concrete Co or call us on 020 8462 4050 and we will help clear the confusion.

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